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Our History

We are not a box store or a garden chain store but a family owned and run business.

Bonarrow Greenhouses has been in business for over 55 years! We were established in 1967 with a cedar frame plastic-covered house. The next house was built in 1972. A cold frame was added in late 1970’s to have a place to harden off cool crops and tomatoes. Construction of it was done in a very cold spring! There was a small house built, in the early 80’s, for starting seeds and crops that needed warmer temperatures. The last 3 houses were all added mid to late 1990’s after the dairy herd was sold, giving us 6 free standing houses and a cold frame.

The business was started by Barb (my mother) as a family side line with the main part of the farm being a dairy herd. The business was put in my hands to run and manage in 1980 and is now a daughter-mother team. We still run things as a family business and do most of the work ourselves, with a bit of help from other family or students when needed, mostly in the busiest part of the season.

We do annual bedding plants and garden vegetable starts. There are some perennials to help our customers start a perennial bed or fill in holes in their exciting gardens. We are open for the spring season. We do education as part of our service to help customers have better success with their plants.

Baskets that are pre-made for sale are made in pairs and there are all made differently. We offer to fill your containers or baskets and do them as they come in and as room is available in the houses to accommodate them.

The greenhouse sponsors classes and volunteers at Fergus and Erin Fairs.

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