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Decorate Your 


With Plants!

Located just outside of Rockwood and Guelph, Bonarrow Greenhouses is a family owned and operated greenhouse which started as a hobby and quickly grew into a thriving business. Customers come from all over Wellington County each spring for the beautiful selection of annuals, greenery, plants, vegetables and herbs available every year.

Growing flowers, greenery, vegetables and herbs for over 55 years, Bonarrow offers its customers with friendly, knowledgeable staff and excellent customer service.

The owners and staff take great pleasure in being able to help all their customers as needed whether it’s the novice gardener changing their flowerbeds for curb appeal or trying new plants in the vegetable garden through to the experienced green thumbs. Each and every person is treated like a fellow friend sharing in the love of gardening.

Bonarrow Greenhouses are known as a “Brigadoon” meaning operation occurs during the spring months from May until July and then are closed for the season. The owners and staff diligently work year round researching and exploring great products which will help enable the consumer to create the gardening dreams and visions they hold for the growing season ahead. Every plant sold at the greenhouse is grown on site from seed or cutting, cared for and cultivated without the use of growth retardants.

The product line goes from A to Z. But most popular are the annuals, herbs and vegetables for easy garden planting and some perennials are also on site. Known for the vast number of geraniums in a variety of colours, the staff are always excited to help find the right plant for whatever growing conditions.

Hanging baskets are premade, in pairs and all are made differently, giving a variety of choice when it comes to colours and climate capabilities. Have your own containers or hanging baskets? Not a problem. The knowledgeable staff will gladly help in planting them for you as availability becomes available in the greenhouses.

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