COVID 19 Updates

Hello everyone and welcome to 2021!

With the COVID 19 rules that are now in place, yet again, things will stay similar to last spring season. With the current restrictions, it is best if you order ahead for pick up and do not bring extra people with you. If you are coming without a full list, please come with a partial list of what you will need and/or a paper plan of beds and containers, complete with dimensions and estimates of sun exposure. With restrictions, this will likely be another long season for Mom and I, so please understand the long hours and extra labour we are facing.

The plan for the foreseeable future is as follows:

Orders will be taken by an e-store purchase, email, phone, or snail mail.

I will notify you if there are availability issues, or if there is something I need more clarification on when your order is placed.

We will require at least 48 hours’ notice of request for pickup so that the order can be picked and packaged. You will receive your total as it stands and payment can be cash, cheque or e-transfer. We will be scheduling pick-up times with you as to limit the amount of people present at any given time. There will be pick-up only periods in the first and last hour of the day where drop-in traffic will not be permitted. These times will be given preferentially to high risk persons and those wishing to also browse on top of a standing pick-up order. (If you wish to browse on top of a standing order, please request this in your email etc.).

Drive ins: For those wanting to come in and pick your own things out and have our assistance, I will make an appointment time for that as well.

This does become a bit of a logistical nightmare; however it is the best we can do under the circumstances.

Those that arrive without appointment will be asked to wait in their cars until there is few enough people present for them to enter the sales area, or may be asked to return at another time.

I know for those that have done orders for the majority of their plants before, this will be easier for you. If you would like for your usual order to stand, please notify me as soon as possible.

For those doing this for the first time, here are a few recommendations for us to serve you more effectively.

  1. When you place your order, please give a selection of colours you would like to work with, in case I need to substitute or contact you about limitations/insufficient quantities

  2. Conditions (ie: shade or sun, wet or dry soil areas, windy spot or sheltered)

  3. If it's containers that you are trying to plant, please provide the size, sunlight conditions, and if they are against anything (ie: a wall or deck). This can make a difference for layout and quantities of different plants.

If I have this information, I can better assist and even plan a mix of plants for you.

I am here to help as much as I can, to get us all through this season, so you can have a wonderful summer with plants that you will enjoy.

I have tried to give you as much information as I can on the inventory list. It will not be updated for availability, due to the rate at which it will be changing. Please feel free to call about availability of specific varieties/colours.

Thank you for your understanding, and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Hopefully my phone battery survives or I will call you back from the landline as soon as I am able. Stay Safe and Healthy.




February Weather (sort of like a PPE issue for plants)

For those that don’t know, nearly all the plants that are delivered as cuttings and certain seeds are controlled by the companies that have the patents on them. Most of these companies have their greenhouses for the Mother plants in South America. They harvest cuttings there to be flown, in most cases, to Fedex in the United States.

With the storm in the southern United States this February, there was a whole week's worth of cuttings lost. The warehouse lost power for 2 days causing freezing, dehydration, light deprivation plus other issues, making the cuttings no longer viable by the time they got to the incubation greenhouses to get them started rooting. This means they had to start all over again.

New cuttings were flown to the United States and then sent to the starter growers. With less flights in the air and more trucking required, it put those new plants 2 or 3 weeks behind in getting them rooted before they could be sent to those of us that get them to maturity and sell. We have been receiving mystery boxes on arrival this past month, never sure what was going to be delayed for another week and what we would get on time.

On a side note, South America is not having a great growing season and that is also causing delays getting cut flowers sent out to their markets too.